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Point Source Audio microphone

Point Source Audio manufactures and distributes worldwide a unique line of live event technology including their patented comm headset; and their SERIES 8 miniature microphones, known for their robust bendable boom and waterproof features, and a winner of the 2014 Best Microphone award.



EMBRACE Microphones are custom-fit ear mounted microphone solutions for theatre, television and other applications where the microphone must be completely camouflaged yet still maintain consistent placement from the mouth even with head movement. EMBRACE lets you bend, shape and trim for a precise custom-fitted microphone in seconds—without all the time, hassle, and expense of outdated ear rigs.EMBRACE Microphones come complete with our acclaimed SERIES8 lavalier microphone, a color matched left and right Earmount, and a assortment of cable clips. For extreme camouflaging, the EMBRACE Earmounts also accept theatrical color markers of almost any color.


Mic expertly from studio to stage!

Our latest innovation SERIES9 LOGO - NEWestablishes a first-of-its-kind performance-driven standard for professional microphones. Headset, lavalier and earmount microphone wearing styles will all deliver the unique combination of high max SPL, high sensitivity and high durability, making SERIES9the go-to mics to easily handle the powerful vocals of a live sound event or the quietest whispers of a conversation in a studio.

From small to “unstoppable,” our microphones let YOU steal the show with an unbeatable combination of performance and function. Explore all the styles and select from single, or dual elements for total confidence in your live sound application.


12,000 bend-tested connectors
142 dB max SPL
-39 dB sensitivity
IP 57 waterproof rated
70% isopropyl alcohol cleanable
360° bendable booms
180° reversible earhooks
2 matched element options

Earmount Lavalier Miniature Lavalier Customizable Headset Earnworn and Earset Accesories


The SERIES 8 omnidirectional collection is offered in 3 popular styles: headset, earworn, and lavalier. The omnidirectional pattern assures ease in fitting with a natural vocal sound well suited in low to moderate noise environments. Its circular pick up pattern adapts exceptionally to a wide array of mic’ing applications.

All the SERIES 8 omni microphones offer IP 57 waterproof rating against water, sweat and makeup; and our super bendable boom is “Unbreakable” up to 360°. Each microphone comes with one X-Connector of your choosing for termination to your wireless system. The X-Connectors have a threaded screw connection so they are simple to remove, but remain secure while in use.


The SERIES8 cardioid collection is offered in three popular styles: headset, earworn, and lavalier. The cardioid pick up pattern is ideal in applications when there is more than one mic being used, in live performances, and in some recording situations. A unique benefit of the SERIES8 cardioid headset and earworn microphones is that the capsule is especially miniaturized and there is no need to force the mic directly in front of the mouth as with other cardioid microphones.

The boom of the microphone can sit comfortably at the corner of the mouth so an unobtrusive appearance is easily achieved. Both the headset and earworn mics feature a boom bendable beyond 360°. Each microphone includes one Interchangeable X-Connector for termination to your wireless system.

Dual Pattern Elements in One Microphone Earmount Lavalier Miniature Lavalier Customizable Headset Earnworn and Earset Accesories

SERIES 6 and 5

The CO-6 earset microphone is designed for optimizing mid-range speech handling up to 125dB max SPL — perfect for school productions, church liturgy, and public speaking. Find the best earset microphone for your needs from these four popular styles.

CO-6 Earset Microphone CO-5W Earset Microphone Accesories


Easy, simple, conveniently priced, the CO-3 earset microphone is the preeminent choice for your everyday needs in classroom instruction, tradeshow demos, or small presentation areas. Handles up to 116dB SPL to suit smaller voices. Earset or earworn mic is constructed to always wear left so a perfect fit is effortless too.

CO-3 Earmount Lavalier

Audio Headset

World’s First Switchable In-Ear Headsets for Intercom and Camera

Our patented in-ear audio headsets weigh between 1 – 2 ounces—making them too cool to pass up if you’re getting weighed down by heavy, bulky head clamps. The modular in-earphones allow you to customize the earphones to your liking, and do a better job of blocking out noise while boosting the audio.

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