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Ave Audio (Stuttgart) – Digitally Steerable Column Speaker “ASCOLTO”

ASCOLTO digitally steerable column speakers showcase cutting-edge technology, featuring high-quality neodymium speakers ideal for delivering clear speech and music. With advanced digital audio processing, including multi DSP, DANTE™ audio network interface, and the innovative Multi Beam Steering feature, ASCOLTO column speakers offer unparalleled performance. The anti-reverberation system ARS® further enhances speech intelligibility in reverberant environments by minimizing ceiling and side wall reflections. Designed and manufactured in Germany with passion, ASCOLTO column speakers are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications including cathedrals, churches, mosques, auditoriums, airports, and train stations.

ASCOLTO FF series 4 inc - Digital Steering Column

The Ascolto FF Series features 2-way coaxial loudspeakers, each equipped with a 4.0″ woofer and 1.0” dome tweeter, both crafted with neodymium.
The Ascolto FF Series offers an extended frequency bandwidth for both low and high frequencies, making these speakers ideal for outdoor musical events.
The Ascolto FF Series is powered by audio amplifiers delivering 70W RMS for each output channel, ensuring effective sound pressure even at great distances.

ASCOLTO AH series 3,5 inc - Digital Sound Column

The Ascolto AH Series features refined and superior acoustics, boasting 3.5″ neodymium speakers that enhance the purity of music and intelligibility of voice.
The Ascolto AH Series stands out for its acoustic directivity, offering extreme selectivity and reaching deep spaces with precision.
The Ascolto AH Series is particularly well-suited for providing extended coverage in large environments, such as churches with long naves or basilicas

ASCOLTO LH series 2,5 inc - Digital Sound Column

The Ascolto LH Series features a remarkable horizontal opening of 155°, made possible by its specially designed 2.5″ neodymium speakers that diffuse sound in a panoramic manner.
The Ascolto LH Series showcases transparent aesthetics and a compact profile, making it ideal for preserving architectural environments of significant value.
The Ascolto LH Series is particularly well-suited for environments with highly reverberant acoustics, providing a solution even with a single digitally steerable column speaker

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