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AVE Audio: the ideal partner for audio technology in challenging spaces

Are you an architect, media engineer or specialist electrician? Are you looking for audio technology that not only helps you to achieve first-class sound but also combines elegant aesthetics with user-friendly operation – including for laypeople? Do you want technology that ensures maximum speech and vocal intelligibility, even in spaces with challenging acoustics? Think conference and meeting rooms, auditoriums and assembly halls, churches, sports and multipurpose halls, school halls; even train stations, airports and open-air pools. So where can you find such a perfect and attractively priced electroacoustic system bearing the “Made in Germany” stamp?

Just ask us, and take advantage of AVE’s range of specially developed speakers, sound bars, mixers, mixing amplifiers and microphones for your projects in these specialist venues.

Work with AVE Audio to create the perfect audio setup

AVE® Audio provides a comprehensive range of audio equipment, ensuring clear and long-range sound for effective communication in public spaces. All our equipment is developed, produced and co-produced in-house to the very highest standards of workmanship and quality. Support with system configuration, dimensioning and programming is all part of our service. Contact us to find out more!


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Köln Dom
Köln, Saksa

Rigas Doms, Latvia

Catholic church St. Lorenz
München, Saksa

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Vörumaa, Viro

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