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M for multifunctional

The chameleons of the TW AUDiO range, M-series loudspeakers are designed to adapt to your requirements, no matter whether you need an unobtrusive solution for speech reinforcement, a stage monitor, a full range speaker or even a compact top for a club system or live PA.

Models within the M-series are equipped with specially developed high frequency horns, optimised using the boundary elements method (BEM). The result is wide-angled coverage – both the M6 and M8 offer 90 × 60 degree coverage, while all other models cover 75 × 50 degrees, rotatable by 90 degrees to suit your application.

For the M-series, TW AUDiO developed highly complex passive frequency crossovers, intended not just to coordinate phasing within the enclosure itself but also to ensure a linear frequency response across your entire TW AUDiO system. Simplicity of use is assured – M-series enclosures will work in conjunction with any standard amplifier, even without DSP or external controllers.

M-series lineup