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Mipro Wireless Conference


The BC-100 can be fitted with MIPRO’s MM-2 Series gooseneck microphones to become BC-2 Series desktop conference microphones.

  • The BC-100 can be used as boundary microphone or connected with the gooseneck microphone to be a desktop conference microphone. Insert a MIPRO ACT Series bodypack transmitter into the BC-100 base as a wireless conference microphone.
  • The back panel has a balanced XLR connector with a switch to select the audio source from either the inner boundary microphone or the optional gooseneck microphone.
  • The housing is made of metal with a thicker bottom and anti-slip pad to give added stability.
  • TALK / MUTE button provides easy speaking or mute option; A LED indicates status.


Gooseneck Microphones

  • Ultra slim profile design for podiums, pulpit and lectern applications.
  • Proprietary microphone mount design allows 110° up / down and 300° left / right angle adjustments.
  • Shock isolation mount design minimizes handling and vibration noise.
  • Multi-layered microphone grill minimizes pop noise.
  • Unmatched high fidelity sound reproduction.
  • Fits BC-100 conference microphone base and BC-T Series wireless conference microphone bases.