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Lavalier Microphones

… discreet for broadcast, theatre, and film

The sign of a good miniature lavalier microphone is no sign at all! Small and discreet, their low-profile nature is what broadcasters and performers love the most. Gently tucked behind a button or hidden in a hairline, miniature lavalier microphones are the most unobtrusive technology on stage or on camera.

Best Lavalier Microphone Choices

Our miniature lavalier microphone element start at only only 4mm in diameter. So whether you need it in a waterproof omni, or a cardioid version, you’re assured a compact and inconspicuous appearance. For theatrical use, the small lavalier wire and mic element can be hidden in wigs, costumes, or eye glass frames to name just a few places. These are no ordinary lavalier microphones!

Omni Lavalier

Only 4 mm Small

Dual Lavalier

Built-In Backup

Dual Lavalier

Built-In Backup

Cardioid Lavalier

Feedback Control


ENDURE™ Omni Lavalier

with Proprietary Lemo-style Connector

ENDURE™ Dual Omni Lavalier

with Proprietary Lemo-style Connector


Choosing the Best Lavalier Microphone

When you need to deliver a big performance, sometimes a small microphone can be your best bet. Choosing the best lavalier microphone for the job depends on a lot of different factors—a discreet size for camouflaging, resilience against sweat and makeup, and performance specs that meet the highest measures. Sounds impossible for a tiny lavalier microphone? Not with these new omnidirectional and cardioid models—now choosing the best lavalier microphone just got easier.

Microphone Feature Key

Look for these symbols on each of the microphone info sections to help you identify the most important microphone features for your application. Depending on the room acoustics, the specific use and the number of users, you may need one or more microphone options to include in your toolbox.

Boom Flex
Boom Bends 360°

High SPL
Performance Vocal Quality

IP 57 Rated


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