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Point Source Audio CO2-8WD

NEW! Dual Element Headset Microphone

Model No: CO2-8WD

Our award-winning SERIES8 omnidirectional headsets provide you with absolute confidence in fitting and microphone placement—and now even more so with fully redundant elements that are factory matched and mated into an ultra low-profile tandem form factor. Both elements are IP 57 waterproof rated against water, sweat and makeup; and our super bendable boom on this headset is “Unbreakable” up to 360°. Each microphone accepts two interchangeable X-Connectors for termination to your wireless systems.

TWO MICS for the size of ONE

The headset microphone’s patent pending design offers built-in microphone redundancy with the convenience of a single cable. The elements are factory matched to a near identical ±0.5 dB difference—and both elements are waterproof. The mic elements are offset to reduce mass and effectuate a sleek profile.

The mic cable splits approximately nine inches above connection to the body-packs to allow ample room for separation of the transmitters.

Wears Left or Right

Ear hooks fold flat for protection in storage and travel.

Like our original single element headset microphone, the CO2-8WD features the unique ability to reverse for left or right ear wearing to accommodate any mic user or production requirement.


  • Highly flexible boom bends 360° and more!  “Unbreakable Boom” bends 360°
  • Max SPL reaches up to 148dB   136 dB max SPL
  •    IP 57 waterproof rated
  • User-friendly interchangeable threaded screw “X-connectors”   Interchangeable X-Connectors for all popular wireless packs including Shure, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica
  • Mic element only 3mm in diameter
  • Optimal gain before feedback
  • Available in colors beige, brown or black


Element: Waterproof Back Electret Condenser (2 Matched)
Pattern: Omnidirectional
Frequency: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: -43 dB 1V/Pa (± 3dB at 1kHz)
Maximum SPL: 136 dB SPL
Output Impedance: 1400 Ω (at 1kHz)
Operating Voltage: 1 – 10 V
Cable Length: 6 ft . + connector
Net Weight: 0.6 oz
Colors: Beige, Brown or Black
Connector Types: TA3F, TA4F, TA5F, lockable 3.5mm, Hirose, Lemo-style