• Subwoofers

          B-series subwoofers are the foundation of the TW AUDiO sound. Comprising five subwoofer models of varying size and performance for ground stacked operation, each is optimised to meet a specific challenge, helping you to create your ideal system configuration.

        • Coaxial speakers

          The standout feature of our high performance, coaxial C-series is controlled, interference free dispersion across all axes. As true point source solutions, C-series wedges are ideal for all scenarios when artists require consistent on-stage audio coverage and control.

        • Permanent installation

          Designed to be tightly screwed and fully-integrated, the rigging hardware is designed for installation applications. It enables perfect integration into an array without the use of expensive plug-in connectors and coupled flight frames.

        • M for multifunctional

          The chameleons of the TW AUDiO range, M-series loudspeakers are designed to adapt to your requirements, no matter whether you need an unobtrusive solution for speech reinforcement, a stage monitor, a full range speaker or even a compact top for a club system or live PA.

        • Flexible horntops

          No matter how prevalent line arrays become, some audio challenges will always be best met by the use of conventional horn tops. In particular, the TW AUDiO T-series has size and efficiency on its side to help you create optimal audio solutions up to a certain size both quickly and simply.

        • VERtical Array systems

          Born of the vision of expanding the limits of sound systems and giving large-scale sound system technology whole new dimensions, we have created incredible loudspeakers for medium to large scale vertical array solutions.

        • The ELegant Line Array

          ELLA is ground-breaking, a world first achievement at this size. ELLA combines the slim form factor of a column with the flexibility of a line array as well as built in passive cardioid technology.

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TW Audio


WE ARE: A family-run premium manufacturer of high-end loudspeaker systems for the professional touring and performance installation market.

You can listen to our products in over 50 countries spread over all continents. Now is the time for you to stun your audience with your own TW AUDiO sonic signature.

Our passion for live sound paired with decades of experience as well as new future technologies are the stimulus for us, pushing the limits in acoustical design.


TW AUDiO was founded in 2004 by developer and sound engineer Tobias Wüstner. In 2009, Tobias’ brother Bernhard Wüstner joined theboard as Co-Managing Partner. Marco Deinl, sound technician and owner of a rental company for over twenty years complements theTW AUDiO corporate management. To this day, these roots remain present, we understand the constantly growing list of demands and challenges in the day-to-day rental business; dealing with video integration, complex stage building, architectural lighting, and of course all economical aspects like transportation costs, return on investment and so forth. Therefore, your loudspeaker system will also have to meet greater technical demands. Increased sensitivity, it should be a high performer, easy to operate and fast responding, quick to set up even in the most complex solutions, all housed in robust lightweight compact cabinets. We are aware of these demands and they influence each development.


ELLA L18 – The ELegant extension.

ELLA L18 is a low-mid extension unit for the ELLA6 ELegant Line Array system. Especially in ELLA6 arrays of only two to six elements ELLA L18…


From the relentless pursuit of perfection, TW AUDiO introduces the new ELegant Line Array series: ELLA. LIVE DEMO OR MORE DETAILS? REGISTER NOW TW-Audio ELLA…

TW-Audio Products

B-Series C-Series i-Series M-Series T-Series VERA-Series ELLA-Series

TW-Audio Reference

LANXESS Arena, Köln, Germany

Fotografiska, Tallinn, Estonia

Stopini-hall, Stopini, Latvia

Helsinki University, Finland


The result is what counts. At TW AUDiO, audio professionals benefit from a full package of system design, training and support, all of which help you to achieve your sonic TW AUDiO signature:

Create your permanent TW AUDiO sonic signature for all your installation projects, leaving your “simply your sound” footprint.


Intense and constant communication with you, your collected knowledge as sound engineers, in rental companies, as installer o rarchitect, has also a strong influence for future developments.Our vision of sound and knowledge of operation combined with your input forms a new TW AUDiO product. We use exhaustive simulation, scientific research and software. And so the prototypes are built and tested. After a collective „Yes – go for it!” from our developers we create the first beta models for live tests. Only after these real-life beta tests, a new TW AUDiO productis allowed to enter the venues around the world. No loudspeaker leaves the TW AUDiO factory without our absolute conviction that it will impress you.


We work with highly specialized suppliers in our region to ensure optimal manufacturing success for every product and its components. Every component of your TW AUDiO loudspeaker underwent rigorous testing and has been through uncompromising quality control. Only after the finished product has passed the final exhaustive quality check, is it allowed to bear the TW AUDiO seal of approval and you can be sure that it will meet our standard and your demands.


You will receive qualified support in order to help you achieve the best result for your projects, no matter how elaborate, no matter where you are located, our team of specialists is available to assist you with their
expertise. Great support begins with education and training. You will receive the knowledge and ability to get the most out of your TW AUDiO system solution. We strongly believe in giving every audio specialist the best conditions in order to deepen and further their existing skills and to acquire new ones.Get in touch with us – we are looking forward to meeting you.

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