Point Source Introdudes SERIES9 Microphone

Point Source Audio has announced the introduction of the SERIES9, a new range of miniature microphones comprised of six models available in a variety of formats that are all stated to provide maximum SPL of 142 dB and -39 dB sensitivity.

All weighing 0.6 oz (17 g), SERIES9 models are equipped with ENDURE connectors that have accelerated life testing to 12,000 bends as a standard option joined by 360-degree bendable booms, 180-degree reversible earhooks, IP 57 waterproof rating, and sanitization with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

“Typically, subminiature microphones having a high max SPL have a lower mic sensitivity and vice versa,” says James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio. “This can mean choosing a different microphone based on the application, which is the right approach, but having one mic that is versatile enough for any audio setup that arises can be very convenient and cost-efficient.”

SERIES9 options include a 3 mm headset, 4 mm lavalier and the companys patented EMBRACE on-ear design, with each option also available with patented dual elements. Colors offered include beige, brown and black, with termination choices of TA4F, 3-pin Lemo-style, and 3.5 mm locking ring.

“We designed SERIES9 to offer the whole package: performance specs with reliability backed by the numbers,” Lamb states. “The durability features of the ENDURE connector, IP 57 waterproof rating, and boom durability will give sound teams peace of mind in an investment that will keep delivering for years to come.”

The six new microphone models that will begin shipping in 2Q 2023 include:

• GO-9WL omnidirectional lavalier
• GO2-9WLp omnidirectional dual element lavalier
• GO-9WD omnidirectional headset
• GO2-9WD omnidirectional dual element headset
• EO-9WL omnidirectional earmount
• EO2-9WL omnidirectional dual element earmount

Point Source Audio