Manger accessories – colors and finishes


This sound guide was developed by Josef Manger. Perfectionists in particular will appreciate the qualities of the Holoprofile and notice how the contouring of the sound sources becomes even more accurate and the stability of the imaging out of the sweet spot.

Stand c1
These solid stands lift the c1 to their ideal height and highlight their beautiful design. The ingenious construction of the feet lets the loudspeakers fully unfold their sonic power. Standard height: 24″ (612 mm).

Stand z1
These matching stands lift the z1 to their optimum height. The z1 rest on a solid top plate. The base plate can be equipped with spikes or decoupling systems. The glass bead blasted aluminum surface is available in natural or black finishes.
Standard height: 20.5″ (524 mm)

“Music from another world”- The 15 tracks comprise not only different styles and recording techniques, but different artistic interpretations as well. We are particularly proud of the fact that we were overwhelmed with enthusiastic compliments directly after the first copies were released. These recordings, chosen with all our heart and soul, will mesmerize you.

These vinyl records comprise the same tracks as the CD. They were meticulously cut into copper foil and pressed as a 180 gram double LP. In contrast to common practice the tracks were not adapted to vinyl in order to allow comparison of both media.

The track list is available on our website.

Manger considers loudspeakers as holistic entities and elements of daily life. Therefore, Manger not only offers a wide range of glossy or matt colors (all RAL and NCS colors) but also a broad selection of premium veneers which permit perfect integration into your home. Unobtrusive pastel shades, black or white as well as sassy avant-garde colors in all imaginable variations.