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Mipro TA-80 UHF Digital Wireless Plug-on Transmitter

  • The TA-80 is a digital miniature wireless plug-on transmitter with a balanced XLR mic input connector, designed for connecting with measurement microphones, condenser / dynamic wired microphones, zoom mic (shotgun), recording and musical instrument microphones. It can be paired with digital portable ENG receivers or ACT-8 series receivers to become a wireless system and get rid of the tangled cables for premium sound quality.
  • The TA-80 has a flat and wide frequency response, ultra-low T.H.D. and noise floor, fast transient response, strong anti-interference and high S/N ratio characteristics. These superior characteristics resolve the problems of tangling microphone cables and the deterioration of analog transmission characteristics. Thus the TA-80 is the best system to reproduce the natural sound of any premium wired microphone.
  • With the balanced XLR mic input jack for installing on any condenser microphone, the TA-80 also provides 8 gain levels and a built-in switchable 12 / 48V, up to 10 mA current load phantom power for condenser microphones. The phantom power can be switched off when installing the dynamic microphones.
  • A built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery enables a continuous 5 to 8 hours of use per charge. The TA-80 can be recharged by dropping it into an intelligent MP-80 charger or by removing the single battery cell from the TA-80 and placing it into the charger. The TA-80 has reverse polarity protection and battery replacement is fast and easy.
  • The TA-80 is compact, lightweight and ruggedly built. The streamlined aluminum housing is splash-proof with strict isolation of spurious and external noise interference. It has a built-in high efficiency transmitting antenna and a green backlit LCD clearly displays operation parameters. The TA-80 is compatible with MIPRO’s ACT-80/80R miniature digital receivers for a variety of professional audio applications.
Model TA-80
Name UHF Digital Wireless Plug-on Transmitter Profile
Frequency Range 480 ~ 960 MHz (country dependent)
Bandwidth 72 MHz
RF Output Power 10 mW / 50 mW switchable (country dependent)
Spurious Emission ≦ -60 dBc
Modulation Mode New digital modulation
AF Input Level 2V max. at AF gain = 0 dB, 7V max. at AF gain = -12 dB, 20V P-P by protective circuit.
Phantom Power Selectable 12 V and 48 V at 10 mA max.
Battery Type 1 × ICR 18500 lithium-ion battery
Battery Life > 8-hour for RF power at 10 mW and phantom power off. > 4.5-hour for RF power at 50 mW and 48 V at 2 mA phantom power on.
Charger MP-8T / MP-80 (with an adaptor plug MPA-80)
Dimensions 44 × 114 × 37 mm (W × H × D)
Net Weight Approx. 165 g
Note Refer to the actual product in the event of product discrepancy.

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