Mipro MP-80 3-in-1 Transmitter Charger Station


The MP-80 is a new generation of charging station designed exclusively for MIPRO rechargeable transmitters. Each station has two charging slots. Each slot has a 3-in-1 charging design, enabling multiple charging options: Two handheld transmitters Two bodypack transmitters Two ICR18500 lithium-ion batteries One handheld & one bodypack transmitter One handheld transmitter & one ICR18500 One bodypack transmitter & one ICR18500 Each station also provides two storage slots for 2 spare ICR18500 lithium-ion batteries. Precise charging status with red (charging) & green (charged) indicators for easy reading by the users. Multiple charging stations can be easily connected for more charging options.

Key Features

Two charger slots provide convenient charging for MIPRO rechargeable handheld & bodypack transmitters and ICR18500 rechargeable batteries. Intelligent charging circuitry provides efficient and safe charging. Precise charging status with red (charging) & green (charged) indicators. The reverse polarity protection circuit prevents charging errors. Two spare ICR18500 battery storage slots. Storage compartment for charging cable. Two or more chargers can be easily interconnected for more charging options.