Fyne Audio Vintage Series

Fyne Vintage Classic

Retro Meets Modern

From the drawing board of audio industry veteran of 40+ years, Dr Paul Mills, the Fyne Audio Vintage and Vintage Classic Series loudspeakers reimagine those iconic years of loudspeaker design. Merging retro-inspired aesthetics with the latest developments in acoustic design and engineering, this elegant range of traditional loudspeakers shows that back in the day never sounded this good.

Handcrafted in the UK

Hand crafted here in Scotland and exquisitely finished in timeless real wood veneers, each model incorporates a raft of Fyne’s latest technologies including IsoFlare point source drivers with FyneFlute roll surround and BassTrax 360 degree bass porting. From the premium curved cabinets and bespoke Presence control dial of the Vintage Series to the striking black baffle of Scottish patterned grill cloth of the more accessible Vintage Classic Series, every model seamlessly blends traditional British craftsmanship with contemporary audio performance.

Fyne Audio Vintage 10 Driver

The designer

Dr Paul has been at the forefront of loudspeaker design for decades, becoming one of the HiFi industry’s most respected figures since the 1990s. Bringing this unrivalled blend of heritage, experience and engineering knowledge to bear on a project close to his heart, Fyne Audio’s premium Vintage and more affordable Vintage Classic series are no-compromise designs born of Dr Paul’s passion for creating the most engaging music experience at home, sonically and visually.


Representing the ultimate fusion of classic loudspeaker aesthetics with advanced acoustic engineering, the all-new Vintage Series is unashamedly traditional in aesthetics yet encapsulates Fyne’s Technical Director, Dr Paul Mills’, no-compromise approach to leading-edge acoustic engineering. A timeless traditional design with technology and engineering native to the 2020s.

Each model in the three strong Series features the latest iteration of the IsoFlare driver and FyneFlute roll surround. These commanding point source drivers combine a multi-fibre low frequency cone LF unit with a 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter driven by a powerful neodymium magnet system. Premium electronic components, Deep Cryogenically Treated crossovers and Fyne’s ultimate implementation of the BassTrax downward-firing port system, define the acoustic performance across the Vintage models.

Dressed in gloriously retro design, each model features a bespoke, hand-built, twin cavity cabinet fabricated from the finest birch plywood, then contoured into variable radius curves to stop standing waves. Encased in stunning, hand finished real Walnut veneer, with Burr Walnut inlays and gold anodised metalwork, the Vintage Series loudspeakers exude timeless luxury. Each model is fitted with Fyne’s Presence Adjustment dial, with a bespoke, hand-crafted knob perfectly weighted complementing the same luxurious feel as the cabinet finishes.


A perfect marriage of classic loudspeaker looks harking back to the golden days of Hi-FI and advanced acoustic engineering, the all new Vintage Classic Series from Fyne Audio bring Fyne’s Vintage concept to a broader audience. Beautifully traditional with its flat sided rectangular cabinets that are wider than deep, Vintage Classic continues to encapsulate Fyne’s Technical Director, Dr Paul Mills’, no compromise approach to cutting edge acoustic design within.

Each model in the four strong Series features a dedicated IsoFlare driver with FyneFlute roll surround, pairing a multi-fibre low frequency mid/bass cone with a 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter with a traditional ferrite motor on the 10 and 12 inch models. The 8 inch floor standing and stand mount models benefit from a 25mm magnesium dome. A simplified BassTrax porting system brings all the benefits of Fyne’s patented LF diffuser technology to all four models in the range, along with custom, hand made crossovers, finely tuned for each driver/cabinet combination.

The Vintage Classic Series look comes from a fusion of the retro rectangular cabinets finished in traditional real wood veneers and a beautifully contrasting black finish baffle. Continuously variable control knobs offer subtle tuning of HF Energy and Presence, Retro-design and uncompromising acoustic engineering all in one. The Vintage Classic Series combines the timeless class of loudspeakers of yesteryear with the best of audio technology today.