ELLA L18 The ELegant extension


ELLA L18 is a low-mid extension unit for the ELLA6 ELegant Line Array system. Especially in ELLA6 arrays of only two to six elements ELLA L18 significantly enhances the low-mid performance in terms of SPL and directivity control in the frequency range from 90 to 1000 Hz.

The ELLA L18 enclosure has the size of three coupled ELLA6 modules and is equipped with three of the same 6.5“ low-mid drivers used in ELLA6. Due to the special acoustical resistors in the back of the enclosure, ELLA L18 creates the same cardioid dispersion pattern like ELLA6 with greatly reduced low-mid emissions at the back of the system. As ELLA L18 uses the same fully integrated ELLA6 rigging system, it can be simply stacked or flown below and above ELLA6 elements without additional parts.

Due to its internal passive lowpass filter, the ELLA L18 frequency response smoothly rolls off above 1000 Hz and exactly matches to ELLA6 phase and frequency response in its working range. Therefore ELLA L18 and ELLA6 can be connected to the same amplifier channel and generally use the same ELLA6 preset. The low-mid built-up generated by the coupling effect within the array will be simply compensated by dedicated low shelf EQ.

Thanks to ELLA6‘ high-impedance concept, there can be coupled and driven up to three ELLA L18 or the combination of one ELLA L18 plus up to seven ELLA6 in parallel on one amplifier channel (2 ohms operation).

Technical data

Drivers 3 × 6.5″ LF
Frequency range 90-1000 Hz
Power capacity program / peak 1200 / 2400 W
Impedance 8 Ω
SPLmax / 1 m 129 dB
Connection speakON™ NL4 1±
Dimensions (H × W × D) 604 x 200 x 260 mm [23.78 × 7.87 × 10.24 in]
Weight 14.2 kg [31 lbs]
Finish Warnex texture paint
Accessories BMP150, RPE6, BPE6, WAE6, GPE6, PME6, HSA, CaseE6
Options RAL colors



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In category: Rigging
Related to: ELLA18, ELLA6


In category: Rigging
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