TW Audio B14

The lowest of its kind.


The B14 is a very compact, slim and powerful subwoofer with a height of only 24.6 cm (9.7 in). A specifically developed 14“ high excursion driver is housed in a bandpass enclosure design with a frequency response from 39 to 120 Hz. With dedicated presets a frequency of up to 300 Hz can be achieved.
The small enclosure makes the B14 perfectly suitable for placement under low stages, amongst furniture, in ceilings and behind curtains. Compared to a traditional 2× 8“ subwoofer of similar size, the B14 can reproduce up to 6 dB more SPL.

With the recessed M20 thread the B14 can be also used as a base plate for a distance pole.

Two handles at the back of the B14 allow easy handling and transport.

Technical data


Drivers 1 × 14″ LF
Frequency range 39 Hz - 120* Hz
Power capacity program / peak 1400 / 2800 W
Impedance 8 Ohms
Coverage omni
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m 93 dB
SPLmax / 1 m 126 dB
Connection NL4 2±
Dimensions (H × W × D) 246 × 500 × 600 mm [9.69 × 19.69 × 23.62 in]
Weight 21.8 kg [48 lbs]
Finish Warnex texture paint
Accessories RSM10, QDB14
Options RAL colors


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